"What a privilege to be one of the first on this incredible tour!  Lovely family, very informative" - Emily & Tom, UK

"A great experience that the kids loved. We were very well received and have had magic moments"  - Sandrine and family, France

"Ka pai!!  We loved every second" - Xandri and family, Rotorua, New Zealand

"Lo disfrutamos mucho!  Great day out and lovely experience.  Kia ora whanau" - Tomās and family, Argentina

"Super cool experience on the lake, cultural and physical activity: we loved it!"  - Alberic and Delphine, France

"Amazing experience, beautiful and calming.  Nice cultural experience with great information.  Thank you" - Christen & Dean, Australia

"This is a lovely experience lead by such a great and passionate family.  This has been a perfect time to learn more about the Maori culture.  Thank you for that!" - Marie, France

"Beautiful way to see the lake and waterfront.  Highly recommend"  - Cheryl, Rotorua, New Zealand

"Great ride, thank you.  Excellent tour guides"  - Alfred and family, South Africa

"Beautiful, we took the whole family, fantastic tikanga, Ka rawe!" - Rhona and family, Rotorua, New Zealand

"Tu meke, loved it.  All the best team" - Rose, Rotorua New Zealand

"So much fun!  Loved learning about the local culture as well"  - Marian & Georgina, Australia

"Amazing cultural experience with friendly and excellent service"  - Aisling, Dublin

"Super good, good information" - Ollie, Auckland New Zealand


"Brilliant!  Lovely experience thank you" - DeVilliers and family, Rotorua New Zealand/South Africa

"Excellent facility and cultural experience.  Thanks"  Nieuwoudt family, Rotorua New Zealand/South Africa

"Een geweldige ervaning om in een originele boot te roeien.  Vilasse!"  Laurens & Mariel, Netherlands

"Awesome whānau.  Look forward to next time!"  Niki, Rotorua, New Zealand/UK

"Real cool experience, very friendly and heaps of cool stories about the area.  Ka pai".  Seton, New Zealand

"Awesome I loved it"  Frankie, Rotorua, New Zealand