Moving on from Lockdown

So the last 6 weeks has seen New Zealand, as with much of the world, in lockdown. Yesterday we were informed that we are moving to Level 2, which is a major freeing up of people's movements and a beginning to rebuilding. We're hoping that everyone will continue to do what they need to so we can keep this momentum forward.

The last couple of months have been very challenging for many. Tourism has been hugely impacted, and now we face new landscape with a focus on building local and domestic tourism and hospitality as a lifeline to our community. As is our strength, Rotorua is pulling together with this, supporting each other and highlighting our area as the treasure it is. We have a long history of tourism and manaakitanga (caring and hospitality) here, and this will provide our foundation as we go forth.

At Waka Paddle Rotorua, we are uncertain what that future will look like for our business. While we host international tourists, we have a lot to offer to our local and domestic market, and have a passion to ensuring that all New Zealanders have an understanding of, and respect for, te ao Māori. We also feel a deep commitment to our environment and learning to live in better harmony with this. Waka is a great foundation for this.

We send best wishes to all as they continue to navigate the world that Covid-19 has brought, whereever you are. If we can continue to focus on the wellbeing of our community as a whole and work together as we move forward we can make a difference.

Kia kaha,Kia māia,Kia manawanui - be strong, be brave, be steadfast.

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