1)  Do I need to be able to swim?

No you don't - we operate close to shore in shallow water in which most people could safely stand in, and we have life jackets for all passengers.  

2)  Will I get wet?

You may get splashed by the paddles, and a small amount of water may enter the waka on the journey.  You may need to walk in the water to board the waka, so your feet and lower legs may get wet.

3) What clothes should I wear?

Comfortable everyday clothes are fine.  It can get cold on the lake so bring a jacket.  Sun hats are recommended

4)  What if I'm not sure if I can paddle?

Most adults, and older children, should be able to manage paddling easily.  Let us know if you have any reason why you may not.  Assuming we have enough able adults on board, we should be able to manage with you not paddling if need be.

5)  What happens in an emergency?

We have safely protocols for the waka.  In the unlikely event that something happens that means the waka tour can not continue safely you will follow the instructions of the crew.  The waka may be walked in to shore and you walk back to our office, or you may need to disembark in the water and walk into shore.  If the waka has gone to deeper water, your crew will call for assistance.


Our staff are all trained in first aid, and the Kaihautu has Coastguard Certification.  

6) What is the youngest age my child can be to go on the waka?

Your child would need to fit our smallest lifejacket, and to be able to sit independently on the waka seat - generally this means 3years +.

7) Is there an upper age limit for adults?

No - assuming there are no health or fitness concerns that may be an issue.

8) What happens if the weather is bad?

We may need to cancel trips due to poor weather or lake conditions.  There will be a notice on our Facebook page, and all passengers will have a full refund.

9)  What if I am unable to attend on the day of my tour?

As per our cancellation policy, if you advise us within 24 hours of your tour, we will give you a full refund. Under 24 hours notice does not qualify for a refund, unless there are extenuating circumstances (eg illness).

10)  What can I do with my bag or other items while I am on the waka?

We can store your items in our cabin, under supervision of the office administrator.